The school Mission Statement underpins all that we do at St Joseph’s. Our curriculum is destined to foster a love of learning in our pupils and staff and to prepare pupils for their life in the wider World. The curriculum is centred around a topic each term, which allows us to be flexible around the particular interests of pupils and staff. This approach ensures that all are engaged and enthusiastic.

Very careful attention is taken to ensure that all areas of the National Curriculum are taught and that areas are taught explicitly where necessary. This ensures that all statutory requirements are met, whilst pupils are learning about a diverse range of topics.

The curriculum is further enriched by activities such as: Forest School, philosophy for children, recorder and brass instrument tuition for all, choir and orchestra and extra-curricular clubs eg. cooking, sewing, football, performance poetry. We also take part in National and local competitions eg. maths, spelling, sports, general knowledge, science.

The curriculum is designed to celebrate our multi-cultural diversity and parents often contribute to enriching particular topics.​

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