Eco Council

The Eco Council is an elected student body (years 2-6) that meets every two weeks and has a variety of roles.

Our focus this year is to reduce the amount of litter in our playgrounds and the green area just outside of the school. The Eco Council is part of the Spotless Oxford Campaign 2018; an on-going programme undertaken by other schools and local businesses to take an active role in clearing litter in the areas of their premises. We also try to advise everyone at the school to bring their healthy snacks in re-usable containers to help reduce the amount of litter found in the playgrounds as well as exemplifying a more sustainable lifestyle.

The older children in the Eco Council will be organising assemblies surrounding our aims and encouraging outside speakers to visit the school concerning how we can reduce waste and recycle. We have close links with the Student Council and do our best to share information in order to best support the school.

The Eco Council wants to protect with love all that God has given us by protecting our environment and encourage others to live a sustainable lifestyle. The Eco Warriors (as they are sometimes referred to) nominated themselves for this position because they want to make a difference and want to help save God’s earth.