Forest School

Forest School is an opportunity for your child to experience nature and the outdoor environment in a safe, secure and hands on way.
Our ‘forest’ is the small copse just behind the school, surrounding the grounds on the north and west, with a small pond on the west side.
This patch of woodland is fairly rich in plant species. There are a good variety of trees, shrubs and bushes, providing ideal places for hide & seek and other activities. The copse attracts insects, small mammals and a range of birds.
We have carried out some maintenance work in the copse to eliminate dangers such as hanging dead branches and to get rid of some of the brambles and stinging nettles and we have also created pathways and a base camp where children can sit around on logs for circle time discussions and storytelling.
Building our pupils' sense of independence, high self esteem and team work is an important part of Forest School. Health and safety considerations are always of paramount importance and for this reason a Personal Details & Medical Form must be filled out before a child can attend.  The site will be risk assessed by the Forest School Leader before every single session.
Forest school sessions will happen in all weathers and the following clothing is recommended:
  • Wellies or sturdy hiking boots
  • Extra pair of socks
  • Long trousers (old jogging bottoms, jeans)
  • Long sleeved top or jumper
  • Hat (sun or winter)
  • Sun creams should also be applied if weather is hot.
  • Waterproof jacket and trousers
Please use old clothes, so that it doesn’t matter if the clothing becomes dirty. 
Mrs Wermeser
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