General Information

We hope you will find most of the general information about clubs, activities, uniform and educational interest documents on these pages.
We welcome your views, both positive and developmental. Please do not hesitate to contact the school if you have any concerns regarding your child's well-being, safety or academic welfare. Initially it is best to contact your child's class teacher as they are best placed to help. If you are still concerned please arrange to meet with the Key Stage Coordinator. If you feel that the matter needs further attention from the Headteacher, please contact the school office to make an appointment.
If you would like to review the school, please use this Parent View link. These reviews will be used by OFSTED during school inspections.
During the recent parent consultations we were able to gather feedback from parents on our prosed changes to the format of the Summer term report card.  The comments were helpful and will be feb back to staff as we continue to fine tune the final report format.  Please do take the time to read the feeback below.