International Links

St Joseph’s link with Chipili Primary School in Malawi 
In September 2010, St Joseph’s set up a link with Chipili Primary School in Malawi.  The main aim is to enhance educational opportunities for pupils in both schools through sharing topic work with a skills-based focus.  A central premise of this is to ensure that pupils relate to one another on an equal basis, understanding that they are all ‘experts’ in knowing about their own culture and country and can share this information with pupils in the link school.  

During our Chipili lessons over this year, children in Year 3 have had an introduction to Chilipi School.  They have had the opportunity to generate questions and have received answers back by email from Mr Phaka.  Please see the attached document.

Our second Year 3 project is on the topic of toys and we have used ‘philosophy for children’ type questioning sessions to explore what we mean by toys, what toys the children in Malawi have and what games they play and we have had a go at making our own Malawian toy. 

In Year 4 we have explored and compared food, farming and harvest between Malawi and Africa.  Year 4 presented at our school Harvest Assembly comparing the harvest in Malawi to the harvest in England.  They also generated some questions (taking time to think what was a ‘good question’) which Chipili pupils responded to via email. Please see attached document.  In the summer term Year 4 will be looking at electricity and how it is used.

I have also attached the latest newsletter from Chipili.  Starfish Malawi (a charity which supports our link) now has a teacher out in Malawi who visits the school on our behalf.  We were delighted to see that our gift of a bucket irrigation kit was being put to good use by the school.  You can see pictures on the display in the hall.

chipili classroom nov 13.jpeg