Lunch Hall Committee

This was an ad hoc committee to think about ways to manage the lunch hall. It will be reconvened when it is felt necessary. The school council and Anti Bullying Ambassadors are monitoring the situation until it is felt necessary to reform the committee.

Thank you to the committee for helping collate (collect together) all these ideas. The teachers and lunch supervisors have worked to turn these into actions.

Agreement for Lunch Hall:

  • I clear my tray off the table.
  • I eat my food slowly and without rushing.
  • I talk quietly to my friends.
  • I stay sitting down when I eat.
  • I close my lips when I am eating.
  • I put my hand up when I have finished my first course.
  • I put my hand up when I am ready to go outside.
  • I clear up the mess if I spill food on the floor.
  • I say thank you for my food.


Lunch Hall Committee Minutes

Ideas on how to make the lunch hall quieter:

  • We have a signal if our friends are talking too loudly – such as putting a finger to our lips.
  • Teachers use claps to quieten children down. (This is acted on.)
  • We have a noise metre on the projector. (This was too tricky, but we have trialled playing music.)

Ideas on how to clear up:

  • More dustpans and brushes to clear up after themselves. (This was acted on.)
  • Wiping up spilt drinks (This was acted on.)
  • Water and milk changed after Y2 go out and new cups put on the table. (This was acted on.)
  • Second services of sauces for Y3-6 (Distribution of sauce rearranged.)
  • More bins (Whole food clearing area re arranged.)

Ideas about food:

  • A signal if they want a smaller or larger portion. (This was enacted.)
  • Food cold and limited choice by the end of lunch (for Year 6). (This was acted on.)
  • Talk to School Council about menus especially how potatoes are cooked. (This was acted on.)