Playtime Committee

Thank you to the committee for helping collate (collect together) all these ideas. The teachers and lunch supervisors have made plans to turn some of the ideas into reality.

  1. Check that the equipment rotas are fair for all years. (This was acted on.)
  2. Have a new quiet area outside the library with seating and quiet activities to play with friends. (This was acted on.)
  3. Be able to use wellies and go on the grass at lunch time. (Mr Barresi says by October) (This was acted on and KS1 and LKS2 have welly racks.)
  4. Re-start the volunteers from Y5 and Y6 – sports leaders, training has taken place and they will start before half term. (This was acted on.)
  5. Volunteers for lunch time ‘play friends’ – list is up for volunteers (This was acted on.)
  6. Set up ping-pong in the quad by the lunch hall. (This was acted on.)
  7. Quiet reading area in outside classroom for lunch times – break committee members will help choose books to go out there. (This was not acted on, but books put in the quiet area.)


In the playground we agreed we are all expected to:

  • To take turns to the equipment
  • To be careful not to be rough
  • To keep the ‘quiet’ area quiet
  • To respect our school and school property
  • To respect nature and the environment
  • To be thoughtful in what we say to each other
  • To not go into unsupervised areas