School Mission

We have drawn up our Mission Statement with the involvement of parents, parishioners, staff, children and governors at a Catholic Ethos Day. What we have tried to do is to come up with something very simple and direct, which children, parents, staff and the wider community can learn and which they will see as summing up St Joseph’s.
The phrase, ‘Let us protect with love all that God has given us’ is taken from the homily which Pope Francis gave at his inaugural Mass. This took place on the Feast of St Joseph on 19th March 2013 where the Holy Father reflected on the life of St Joseph, which inspires us to care for and protect others.
I know from the comments which parents, pupils and visitors make about our school that the qualities of caring and kindness are ones which mark it out and which are valued by the community. I hope that our new Mission Statement helps us to reflect on the school’s values and to communicate them to others both inside the school and in the wider community.
Father Mervyn 
Chair of Governors
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